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I always knew that motherhood would be tough.

However, in the back of my mind, I honestly thought I could handle it. I am a night shift RN. I’m used to switching around my sleeping schedule frequently, cleaning up bodily fluids, handling stressful and critical situations, and caring for someone who cannot care for themselves. I’m college educated. I read parenting books and blogs. I went to childbirth + parenting prep classes. I totally got this!

Enter Malia:

Jamie Jones Photography

I gave birth to one tough cookie. She gave me a run for my money straight from the get-go. From birth to breastfeeding, from tummy time to car rides, and to sleep (or lack thereof), my daughter challenged me all along the way. She is what one would call a “high-needs” baby (more on that in a later post). Although there were times I wondered why my baby was so different, Malia’s heart-tugging moments of silliness and laughter dissipated all those thoughts of self-pity.

That’s when I knew that I wanted to start blogging. What still gets me through the hardest days of motherhood is venting to other mamas who have gone through some of the same struggles, and even if they haven’t, their support and encouragement is incredibly uplifting. And regardless if anyone ends up reading these posts, it will still give me a chance to read through these early stages of parenting and hopefully, I will look back and be proud of the mama I was learning to be. So if you are reading these posts as a first time mom, or you are expecting, or just hoping to see adorable pictures of Malia, I am glad you are here to join me on this fulfilling journey of mamahood.

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